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Our 5 Step Method of Operation

This operational approach ensures that Guardforce Security Services can provide comprehensive and effective security solutions, from initial site survey to daily monitoring and reporting.

Step 1 - Site Survey

  • Proposal
  • Site Survey / Risk Assessment
  • Site survey report with risk/recommendations
  • Contract drafting
  • Contract finalization with the customer

Step 2 - Assignment Instruction

Before commencing any service, Guardforce Security Services, in collaboration with the client, creates a specific set of Assignment Instructions for the site. These instructions are signed and acknowledged by the security officers

Step 3 - Site Documentation

  • Daily Assignment logs
  • Incident report
  • Contractors /visitor logbook
  • Search Register
  • Key register
  • Security patrol log

Step 4 - Site Take Over

  • This involves meeting the client.
  • Team of security with inspector and manager to familiarize
  • The security team including the reliever is trained in line with the agreed assignment instructions

Step 5 - Patrol Monitoring

  • Utilizes patrol monitoring equipment
  • Incorporates Unobtrusive unique coded electronic activating tags
  • Maintaining historic reports