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24/7 Manned Control

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The Heart of Guardforce

At Guardforce, our 24/7 control room serves as the central hub, supporting both our valued clients and our dedicated employees. Our team of fully trained control room operators is always on standby to answer every call promptly, offering swift assistance through our experienced management and supervisory team.

The Control Room’s Vital Functions

  • Hub of Operations: The control room is the nerve centre of our organization, overseeing all aspects of our security operations.
  • Personnel Management: It monitors the activities of all security personnel, ensuring the efficient execution of guard booking procedures.
  • Safety Checks: Regular one-to-one calls are made to our security officers, confirming that they are alert and secure throughout their shifts.
  • Advanced Surveillance: Equipped with state-of-the-art closed-circuit television (CCTV), time-delayed security devices, and alarm systems, the control room serves as the vigilant eyes and ears of Guardforce, contributing significantly to our success.
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