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Training & Development

Employee Induction Training

Upon joining Guardforce (Global) Security and Related Services, new team members undergo a comprehensive one-week induction training program. During this period, they gained valuable insights into our company’s background, vision, mission, organizational structure, and company policies outlined in our handbook. In addition, we equip them with a fundamental understanding of UAE employment laws and other pertinent regulations.

Telephone Training

At Guardforce, our commitment to effective communication extends beyond our office staff. We provide comprehensive telephone training to a wide range of personnel, including our security inspectors (supervisors), chief inspectors, sub-inspectors (site supervisors), and sergeants (team leaders).

On-the-job Training

We prioritize on-the-job training for newcomers and relievers. Our aim is to ensure they have a clear understanding of the new site location, receive relevant training, and become familiar with the assignment instructions provided and agreed upon with our clients.

Guardforce Standard Operating Procedure

At Guardforce, ensuring the competence of our front-line officers, inspectors, and other operations personnel is paramount. We provide comprehensive training on the operation of Guardforce equipment, including but not limited to metal detectors, radios, patrol gun systems, and CCTV operation.

SIRA Training

At Guardforce, we prioritize the excellence of our security personnel. All our security officers undergo a rigorous five-day mandatory Training Program accredited by SIRA (Security Industry Regulatory Agency), the governing body for security companies in Dubai. Those who successfully complete the program and pass the SIRA exam receive the prestigious SIRA license, qualifying them to work on any site in Dubai.

We strictly enforce this licensing requirement, ensuring that only certified security personnel, authorized by SIRA, are deployed to our clients’ sites. This commitment to professionalism and compliance is at the core of Guardforce’s service.

Counter Terrorism

At Guardforce Security Services UAE, we take pride in our connection to Guardforce Security Services Limited in the UK. With our UK counterparts being fully trained in counter-terrorism measures, it is our commitment to ensure that Guardforce UAE security personnel, both front-liners and non-frontline staff, are well-informed and familiar with counter-terrorism practices.