Our Services

Scope of Service

Guardforce Security Services provide a wide range of security solutions, approved by the Dubai Police Department of Protective System (DPS) listed below, that are aimed at meeting the requirement of our clients within a wide variety of industries including retail, finance, education, hospitality and other commercial and industrial sectors:

  • Guard property services                                  

  • Provision of guards for retail sectors

  • Provision of guards for housing estates, commercial towers and apartments

  • Mobile Patrols & Premises Inspections                                                  

  • Party Security and Private Guarding                          

  • Provision of trained female guards                               

  • Provision of guards for industrial security

  • 24 Hour Control Room Services                 

  • Provision of guards for hospitals

  • Provision of guards for banks                          

  • Offices and financial institutions             

  • Security receptionists

  • Provision of qualified guards for monitoring and operating close circuit television (CCTV) system, access control and fire alarm systems.

  • Lifeguard Services


At Guardforce Security Services, we deliver a service appropriate to our client’s needs and budget.  Our Vision is to offer “quality & cost effective security solutions with total commitment and customer satisfaction” to the entire enterprises in the United Arab Emirates.

We place great emphasis on what our customers want and therefore the calibre of staff deployed to protect our client’s premises are based on recruiting specific personnel to meet the specific site needs as part of our standard recruitment and selection processes.  We also offer our clients the opportunity to interview all prospective security guards prior to deployment.


Our Supervisors make regular and unannounced visits at any time that we have our security personnel operating on your premises. You will be able to view when these visits as all Supervisors sign the Assignment Logs. In addition, welfare visits are regularly carried out to ensure our guards are receiving adequate support and assistance and to ensure that your premises are safe and protected.  

Removing Staff

Our clients have the right to request the removal of a security officer from site for whatever reason. We will always comply with your requirements. In every case Guardforce Security Services, will undertake a documented investigation to ensure such eventualities are minimised.

Contingency Planning

As with any service industry provider of staff, our security guards can be sick or require other short notice absences, and are entitled to take annual holidays. Guardforce Security Services will take measures to ensure that such occurrences do not compromise the level of service our clients expect. 

In the case of unplanned and sudden absences, Guardforce Security Services management team will do everything we can to reduce the impact on our clients.  We will ensure that the security officer waiting to be relieved remains on site until a suitably trained replacement is available (usually within 90 minutes). Our management team will select the most suitable relief officer from our team of relief staff, who will attend to your premises immediately.  A member of our management or supervisory team will personally take over duties should there be more than a 90 minute delay in the relief guard being available.

Pre-planned holidays are similarly covered through the pool of fully trained relief guards.  In this way we ensure that the standard of service remains at the same high level on the few occasions when your regular security officer isn’t available.

  • Uniformed Security Officers

    Our uniformed security officers are ideal for deterring would-be criminals. They’re also perfect for apprehending anyone that causes any disturbance on your premises. Whether you’re hiring security officers for a retail shop, an office block or even a residential property, our highly trained staff are the very best people to hire.

  • Marked Vehicles

    Our marked vehicles offer a strong, visible security presence. Our marked vehicle patrols are particularly effective on large premises and estates.

  • Receptionists

    We provide security officers that are also trained as receptionists for your convenience. Why not fill two job positions in one go by hiring one of our receptionist staff? Our receptionists work in office blocks and apartment buildings to great effect.

  • Security Patrolling

    The security patrols that we provide include highly trained members of staff that know how to deal correctly with any potential situations that arise. Security patrols are another great way to deter would-be criminals. Whether you require round the clock security patrols, or even just patrols on an ad-hoc basis, we can help you.

  • 24/7 Manned Control

    Our control room is supervised 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Representing as an enduring member to our prestigious customers. Our control room security guards are absolutely disciplined to manage access control system, providing new and temporary access control passes and are skilled in generating access control reports.

  • Keyholding & Alarm Response

    Guardforce Security UAE has a keyholding & Alarm response security security team, specialized and are Quick to response in the time of alarm activation ,with the utmost priority we safeguard the premises & Personnel.

  • Lifeguard

    Whether at the beach or swimming pools, you will have peace of mind knowing that Guardforce Lifeguard is there to keep your guests and customers safe under the watchful eye of a professional rescuer.


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