Our security officers double up perfectly as receptionists in a lot of scenarios. If you’re looking to hire security personnel to maintain a presence at a block of apartments or in an office environment, hiring a security officer that has been trained as a receptionist is a cost effective measure to take.

Here at Guardforce Dubai we have a team of professional security personnel waiting to work on your assignment. All of our personnel have been trained to the highest possible standard, ensuring they know how to handle any potential situation that may arise. As well as being trained in security tactics, our personnel are also trained in secondary duties such as reception work. This allows for you to hire a security officer that doubles up as a receptionist – an extremely shrewd move to make for any small to medium sized company.

You don’t need to worry about hiring the receptionist direct – instead you’ll enter into a contract with us. That means if a certain member of staff is ill or away on holiday, we’ll go out of our way to send a like for like replacement member of staff to look after the security and reception duties within your business.

There are many different benefits to hiring security personnel to patrol your premises, day or night. They’re the perfect deterrent to would-be criminals, and they also offer reassurance to clients and residents.

We offer various security solutions to our valued clients in Dubai. We also offer general uniformed security personnel on a permanent or ad-hoc basis, as well as security patrols and marked vehicles. No matter what your requirements are, the chances are that we’ll be able to help you. With that in mind, please pick up the phone or email us right away. Here at Guardforce we’ll be more than happy to assist you.


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